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**Currently not accepting new patients.** Child and adolescent patients are being referred to Dr. Cynthia Easter at Bright Star Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. 

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, follow the directions on my New Paitients page.


Linda F. Cabage
659 Morganton Square Dr.
Maryville, TN 37801-4763

Phone: (865) 984-9933  *  Fax: (865) 982-9428

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• Get on Alcoa Highway (US-129 S) traveling south.

• Keep right at fork (toward US-129 S and US-411). You will go through three red lights.

• Turn left at third red light onto W Lamar Alexander Pkwy (US-321 N). Target shopping center will be to your left.

• Continue down W Lamar Alexander Pkwy.

• When you go past AAA Auto club at left, get in left lane and prepare to turn left.

• Turn left onto N Houston St (you will see a BP station to your right, big white house at left – if you reach Simmons St, you’ve gone a too far).

• On N Houston, take the first left onto Morganton Square Dr (no street sign, Personal Care Choices on corner, Lord Street to right).

• Turn right into parking lot at first building complex on right.

• We are the last office on your right in this group of buildings.

• The sign above our doors says “Health Associates of Maryville”.

NOTE: Please plan to arrive at your appointment early, as finding our office the first time may require extra time and you will be asked to fill out additional paperwork. Thank you.

Mental Health and COVID-19

Mental Health and COVID-19

If you have felt more anxious, depressed, or generally unwell since the pandemic, you are not alone. Between 40 to 55 percent of adults in the U.S. are reported to have experienced a negative impact on their mental health since...

Summer Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Summer Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

It's the middle of summer, and for many that means school's out, the grass is green, and it's time to hit the beach with friends and family. But for some, summer can be the most challenging time of year. The beach is too hot and sunscreen is annoying, we have to go...

Politics, Movements, And The Emotions They Bring Out

Politics, Movements, And The Emotions They Bring Out

During an election season, it’s easy to find yourself emotionally wrung out, especially during times when our country’s politics become more partisan than usual. Add to that the emotions created by movements like #metoo and the new attention on feelings that many...

Starting College And Feeling Stress? You’re Not Alone.

Starting College And Feeling Stress? You’re Not Alone.

Psychologists have identified about a dozen key life events that can create tremendous stress. Guess one that’s near the top of the list: Starting college. Going to college is exciting—and a little terrifying for many people. It may be the first time someone is living...

Why All The Medicine Ads?

Why All The Medicine Ads?

What do you think when you see a commercial on TV for a prescription medication? Does it make you want to ask your healthcare provider about it? Do you even remember the drug after the next commercial has played? Called direct-to-consumer (or DTC) advertising, the...

When Spring Promise Proves To Be A Burden

For most people, the promise of spring is a time of excitement and optimism. Blooming flowers, new leaves, and the world coming back to life are signals of renewal and growth. But what if the re-emergence of spring doesn't make you feel hopeful?  What if it has the...

Mad About Glitter

When Adult Anger Is A Problem—And When It Can Be A Positive In the last week or so, there’s been plenty of discussion online about a website called shipyourenemiesglitter.com. When stories about it went viral, the popularity of the site blew up, to the point where it...